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gog newsletter
Girl on gIRL Productions

1. updates from the gog crew...
2. new zines
3. bathroom activism
4. wanted!
5. where to find gog...
6. other projects

1. the crew at gog productions dishes the scoop of a feminist publication project....

kim: kim has been involved in zine projects in several other organizations. these include the mcgill women's union zine distro ( which has successfully acquired kick ass feminist zines. to those in the montreal area, keep on the look out for a zine fair in late november. also, she has become involved with zine making for bloodsisters, a launching pad for girl-fueled projects and menstrual activism. visit or to order menstrual alternatives.

smitty: smitty has been busy postering and spreading the gog by word of mouth. smitty is starting layout on huesbook version 2.0

doreen: doreen has been quite upset about the recent world events and plans to write a rant about it soon.

glamour girl: glamour grrrl has been working away on a huge art project that will be coimg up in an upcoming zine.

2. New zines
We are Warriors a comp on anti-oppression is now available. Visit the website to order.

3. Bathroom Activism

Bathroom aCtivism has spread. thank you to sasha who started a bathroom activism discussion group on yahoo. visit

also there is a message board for such purposes.

the website ( will be updated soon.

4. Wanted!
we are seeking stories, rants, art, graffiti for the next version of the bathroom activist. e-mail with yr submissions or more info.

5. where to find gog . . .
moon rocket
grrrl style
the lady project

gog productions in featured in
girl junction
broken pencil the new issue!

6. Other projects
keep on the look out for the rebel grrrl rouser of gog productions in some NY based zines coming out soon.

thanks for reading. make sure to sign the guestbook!!

gog productions
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