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huesbook v. 1.0
huesbook version 1.0

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Huesbook is a collection of writing and art by activists, put together by Girl on gIRL Productions, a Montreal-based "revolutionary feminist publishing 'stunt' dedicated to producing handbooks, zines, art and other media with information about political tactics". This issue features short stories and poems, a self-photography experiment, a piece about Montreal folk duo Alicide, and a personal herstory of a lesbian, remembering life as a lesbian in the 1950s, 60s and onwards.
On the top of a steep hill over looking a sleepy town, there is a white farmhouse. It is a typical white clapboard design with a fence and a green lawn. In the house live four women, who have decided that the peace and quiet of a country estate would only be beneficial to them. Even though the women are of diverse backgrounds, the house runs on a course of routine. Not the kind of routine one usually thinks of, that is a routine involving taking the garbage out at such and such a time or making breakfast every morning. No, this house is run on a different course of routine. This routine is based on the occurence of eccentricities and random happenings, spontaneous debates, and most importantly mutual understandings.
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