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the bathroom activist
Cost: $1, w/ shipping: $2.30/ US: $US 1.54 (shipping included)
The Bathroom Activist is a guidebook put together by Girl on gIRL Productions, a Montreal-based "revolutionary feminist publishing 'stunt' dedicated to producing handbooks, zines, art and other media with information about political tactics".
TBA is all about starting the revolution in your own bathroom, and contains tips for simple activism you can do in your bathroom at home and in public restrooms everywhere, along with some more general informaiton about how to organise activism and run meetings by the Lesbian Avengers. Each copy also comes with some pullout posters that you can make photocopies of and stick on the back of toilet doors.
Public restrooms provide an excellent opportunity for activism. The whole concept of a public restroom clearly maps out the contradictions in our public/private division. Peeing is a private act after all, thus metal slabs are erected between toilets. But are washroom stalls really private space? I think not. This is where we can take advantage for activism as corporations already have. Ads are commonplace in washroom stalls. Why not take the opportunity to spread your own message...
The Bathroom Activist has its own website here. The print version is copied on coloured paper, with a coloured cardstock cover.
The Bathroom Activist also has a discussion group at
and a message board at